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UPDATED 01/24/2023

COVID-19: Text

On Tray Readiness

OTS is taking all appropriate measures to safeguard our clients, contractors, and workplaces. Our executive team monitor the COVID-19 outbreak on an ongoing basis and remotely communicate and coordinate with each other. It is our aim to redefine the standard of service in the New York and New Jersey area and that includes any pandemic related solutions.

The safety and well-being of our contractors, clients, and their families is our first priority. We are monitoring updates from the World Health Organization (WHO), US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US State Department, and local government agencies providing frequent guidance to our team in response to changing conditions.

As part of our readiness and preparedness actions, we will be providing our contractors with any and all new information regarding the virus as well as Food and Safety, event, and service regulations mandated by local authorities. Additionally, we will be providing our with team masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer at each event to protect themselves and others.

Our booking team is equipped to work remotely and prepared to perform the full complement of their job. This includes limiting face-to-face meetings and making use of digital conferencing channels and tools to comply with advice about social distancing. We are complying with all local laws and ordinance in and effort to safely get our contractors working again and to continue providing our clients the standard of service they've come to expect from us.

COVID-19: Text
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