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Who We Are

On Tray Services is an event staffing company that understands 

service is about more than just pouring a drink or clearing plates;

It's about taking care of others.

It’s about cultivating community and celebrating life together.

At OTS, we recruit, train, and invest in passionate event

professionals who share our values and connect them

to clients in need around NYC and the Tri-State area.

We cherish the moments we get to celebrate with

you and strive to help your events succeed. 

About Us: About

How We’re Different


Safety First

Above all else, we strive to safely deliver service with personal care. We closely monitor all guidelines and recommendations from local, federal, and international health agencies.

We take our obligation to provide a safe environment to our staff and clients seriously. Open outdoor spaces in warm, sunny weather are ideal for small events that adhere to local laws. While we're all waiting for Spring and Summer to return, there are still safe ways to host events indoors. You can check out our Advice and Tips  for recommendations or feel free to Contact Us for any questions or concerns.

Simple and Efficient

Not only have we curated a roster of the industry's top professionals to help you on-site, we also have an ongoing mission to simplify the booking process.

You can go to our Book Online page to select

any one of our prepared Staff Packages

OR request a consultation for a Custom Package.

All you need to do is provide your basic event information and we'll follow-up to confirm your booking or provide you with our tailored recommendations.


Beyond Service

We're passionate about events and guiding you toward 

what you need whether you book with us or not. 

Our Advice and Tips page is the perfect resource

for hosts looking to elevate their event.

If you can't find what you're looking for there, 

send us an Email so we can answer

any questions you have directly. 

About Us: Why Choose Us
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